🧚‍♀️Our Manifesto

We are committed to safeguarding user privacy and ensuring that their personal data and transactions remain confidential and secure.

KALIUM stands as a genuinely decentralized and open-source network, inviting contributions from all individuals. This approach fosters increased diversity, enhances security measures, and grants a heightened degree of autonomy to every member within the KALIUM community. In a project where individual freedom holds utmost significance, it becomes vital for any collaborative effort to harmonize its objectives, ensuring that all participants work toward common shared goals.

Our principles

KALIUM transcends being just a protocol overseen and advanced by a community with shared values. It serves as a catalyst for a profound transformation in the global economic system, reinstating freedom, privacy, and financial empowerment to the individual. As dedicated members of the KALIUM community, a pivotal aspect of our responsibility is to champion KALIUM's commitment to neutrality and the decision-making process based on consensus.

  1. Preserving personal autonomy and freedom is of utmost importance and will always be upheld.

  2. Privacy, a fundamental human right, forms the cornerstone of individual autonomy.

  3. Any protocol alterations will either uphold or enhance the network's ability to foster autonomy, privacy, neutrality, inclusivity, and decentralization.

  4. We are unwavering in our commitment to respecting the consensus of the majority within the network.

  5. We will refrain from engaging in hostile actions against competitors or alternative systems.

  6. Our source code will remain open, freely accessible, and subject to audit.

Our purpose

Our commitment is unwavering when it comes to the preservation of the Kalium Network, and we pledge to prioritize it in the following order.

  1. Network Security - Safeguarding the network and blockchain from hacking, misuse, and unauthorized alterations.

  2. Network Stability - Guaranteeing uninterrupted and widespread access to and functionality of the network and blockchain.

  3. Network Enhancement - Elevating the protocol and network's capacity to maintain neutrality, inclusivity, and decentralization.

  4. Reference Wallet Maintenance - Assuring access to an up-to-date, comprehensive reference implementation of the latest Kalium Network.

The KALIUM community is flourishing, and the responsibility to make positive and enduring contributions rests upon each one of us. The great news is that the manner in which you contribute is entirely under your command. Every member of the KALIUM community enjoys absolute autonomy and empowerment.

We all have the freedom to act in ways we believe serve the best interests of KALIUM. If you resonate with the principles outlined in this manifesto, the KALIUM Core collective warmly embraces your involvement in the KALIUM Network project.

KALIUM's potential is shaped by your actions, so why not take that step today?

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