🏒Private Swap & DeFi

Innovative Developments in Kalium's Private DeFi

Layer 1 Advancements

Ongoing exploration seeks to introduce DeFi applications into the Zcash ecosystem through the existing Layer 1 infrastructure. This potential innovation involves conducting most contract operations off-chain using a sequencer, with on-chain validation of these actions.

EVM Compatibility

Kalium Network is gearing up for the integration of an EVM-compatible virtual machine, providing native programmability. This advancement will support zero-knowledge proof computations, facilitating the growth of a diverse developer community. This, in turn, will foster the creation of an ecosystem for privacy-centric applications and tokens, positioning Kalium Network alongside other well-established Layer 2 privacy solutions.

KSA - Kalium Shielded Assets

Kalium's dedicated team has been diligently working on the development of Kalium Shielded Assets. This endeavor includes the implementation of mechanisms for trustless and private cross-chain bridging of these assets, promoting interoperability across blockchain networks. Exciting innovations are on the horizon!

How it works

Kalium users are capable of leveraging Binance smart contracts and wider DeFi applications while preserving their privacy

Step 1: Acquire Shielded KALI

Purchase KALI from any Exchange & Proceed to withdraw to your personal non-custodial wallet.

If withdrawal was deposited to a 0x-address, Auto-shield funds or make an additional transaction to 0zk-address.

This means that the money within your wallet is no longer tied back to your identity.

Similar to withdrawing cash from a bank, once withdrawn the bank can no longer monitor your transactions.

Step 2: Convert KALI to other private tokens

Using KALI Exchange swap your Shielded KALI for ETH,BNB, etc.

Step 3: Using DeFi

Now you have received BNB you are capable of interacting with the multitude of Web3 applications & services via Metamask & Trust wallet for DeFi, NFT’s, DAOs etc!

Step 4: Convert BNB/ETH back to KALI using KALIBridge

Once you’re ready to cash out, convert your ETH to KALI using KALIBridge.

Congratulations!! you have successfully used your KALI to onboard to & use DeFi applications in a privacy-preserving way with Kalium Network.

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