What is Kalium Network?

Kalium represents an innovative on-chain privacy system seamlessly integrated with Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and Arbitrum blockchains. Leveraging Zero-Knowledge (ZK) cryptography, it introduces heightened privacy through the utilization of shielded addresses. Notably, Kalium distinguishes itself from Layer-2 solutions and custodial bridges by conducting all operations on-chain, ensuring comprehensive privacy without reliance on separate validator sets.

This approach not only fortifies asset security by keeping them within their respective host chains but also upholds the highest standards in data security and privacy protection, resulting in a hermetically sealed privacy environment. Furthermore, Kalium maintains access to the existing chain liquidity and ecosystems, delivering a streamlined DeFi experience that mirrors the familiarity of public blockchains. Users can enjoy consistent liquidity and DeFi support without the complications associated with off-chain privacy solutions. The user experience remains consistent, with the added advantage of confidential transactions.

Kalium's Address System


  • Private (0zk-addresses) and transparent (0x-addresses).

  • 0zk-addresses start with "0zk," and 0x-addresses start with "0x."

  • Interoperable, allowing funds to be transferred between both types.

  • Privacy implications when using each address type.


  • Transparent address transactions (0x-addresses) resemble Bitcoin, with sender, receiver, and value publicly visible.

  • Transactions involving shielded addresses, including shielded (0zk-to-0zk), shielding (0x-to-0zk), and deshielding (0zk-to-0x).

  • Shielded (0zk-to-0zk) transactions offer the highest level of privacy, encrypting sender, receiver, and transaction amount.

  • All transactions are recorded on the public blockchain, revealing transaction occurrence and fees.

Viewing Keys:

  • Owners of 0zk-addresses can share transaction details with trusted third parties.

  • Viewing keys provide read-only access without spend authority.

  • Enables "selective disclosure" for auditable transactions while giving control over the extent of disclosure.

  • Facilitates compliance with auditing, tax regulations, and anti-money laundering rules.

Kalium's robust feature set stands at the forefront of privacy and functionality in blockchain technology. The two types of addresses, seamless fund transfers, and transaction privacy options provide users with a versatile and secure platform. With the added feature of viewing keys, Kalium caters to selective disclosure needs, ensuring both privacy and transparency when required. Kalium represents a pioneering approach to blockchain innovation, offering a comprehensive and adaptable solution for a wide range of use cases.

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