📲Wallets and Keys

KALIUM Wallet & Keys Creation

KALIUM wallets, along with their associated 0zk addresses and keys, can be generated using any wallet infrastructure integrated with the KALIUM SDK.

The KALIUM SDK adheres to the BIP-32 standard for key derivation from a seed. This standard enables the creation of hierarchical deterministic wallets that function along an elliptic curve.

Users of KALIUM wallets have access to two types of keys:

  1. Spending Key: This key empowers users to cryptographically demonstrate ownership of their assets and conduct transactions. It's akin to a typical private key in cryptocurrency wallets, with the distinction that it's linked to a private 0zk address.

  2. Viewing Key: The Viewing Key permits users to exclusively view all transactions, including private ones, originating from a specific address. Users have the flexibility to specify the starting and ending blocks for which the Viewing Key can observe transactions in a selective manner. This feature is particularly useful for audit purposes, such as defining the period for which the Viewing Key applies, such as a tax year, using block numbers.

Both the public Viewing Key and Spending Key are encoded within the 0zk address, which explains why private addresses in KALIUM are slightly longer than standard 0x addresses. The method used for key generation aligns with the typical approach for creating most other cryptographic keys. It's important to note that private keys remain confidential throughout the wallet creation process and are never disclosed publicly or shared with any components of the KALIUM system, including provers, verifiers, or relayers.

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