📱Kalium Wallet

Kalium Wallet: Your Secure, Cross-Chain Solution

Kalium Wallet offers a secure cryptocurrency wallet with a built-in atomic swap DEX, all within one application. Safeguard your digital assets and conduct cross-chain swaps without any intermediaries, and with minimal transaction fees.

Distinguished from most DEXs, Kalium Wallet doesn't restrict your trading to a single blockchain protocol. Instead, it provides the broadest cross-chain and cross-protocol support across the entire blockchain industry. Trade BTC, ETH, BEP-20 tokens, and hundreds of other digital assets seamlessly from numerous blockchains, all without the need for proxy tokens. Kalium Wallet marks the debut of an end-user application utilizing the Komodo Kalium Wallet API, a suite of blockchain development tools capable of constructing a wide range of robust financial applications.

Our mission is to establish the most extensive cross-protocol support in the industry. The Kalium Wallet swap protocol empowers trustless and secure digital asset exchanges spanning multiple blockchains, encompassing UTXO-based and account-based systems. With each new release, we continually expand the list of supported assets.

Key Features:

  • Trustless Trading: Trade without intermediaries, eliminating the need for exchange deposits or withdrawals.

  • Cross-Protocol Compatibility: Swap BTC, ETH, BNB, and more directly from your wallet, across various blockchain protocols.

  • Low Fees: Market makers enjoy fee-free trading, while takers pay only ~0.13% (1/77 of the transaction).

  • Efficient Operation: Our robust market-making solutions and unified liquidity pool ensure efficient order book functionality.

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