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Privacy Policy for Kalium Wallet

  1. The Kalium Mobile Wallet (the app) is designed with a strong focus on safeguarding your data privacy. We are committed to ensuring that your personal data remains confidential. The app does not possess the capability to collect or store your personal data or usage information.

  2. Neither the app, KALIUM, Right to Privacy, nor any entity involved in the app's creation has the capacity to comply with requests for data collection and distribution to third parties, as the app does not possess the mechanisms for such actions.

  3. It is important to note that while using the app, you acknowledge that certain external interactions within the app, such as executing swaps through KALI DEX, may reveal contract call information to external observers on the blockchain. In the case of KALI DEX swaps through Exchange, only transaction specifics such as the token and amount exchanged will be exposed. During private transactions, your public address is concealed. These details become externally visible because these transactions require interactions with external APIs and smart contracts. Your privacy remains a top priority, and we work diligently to ensure the security of your data. Your public data remains non-identifiable and untraceable to you, ensuring your constant anonymity when utilizing the app.

  4. Any transactions conducted solely within the KALIUM ecosystem, including private transfers, are entirely private, with no disclosure of information to external parties.

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