Community Relayers

Community Relayers are public 0x wallets that perform transactions and cover the gas costs on behalf of Kalium privacy users. This means that private transactions, which are typically hidden, appear to originate from these Relayer addresses, making them publicly visible. Since Relayers are essentially cryptocurrency wallets, in theory, anyone can become a Relayer.

Relayers operate a small Node.Js that communicates transaction fees to Relayer Clients, which are wallets equipped with Kalium. They also automatically process transactions once they receive them.

When Kalium users initiate a transaction, they choose a suitable Relayer based on factors like low fees and availability. The transaction is securely encrypted during transmission, ensuring that its contents remain confidential. The Relayer, however, can access a fee included in the transaction, which covers the cost of their services. After receiving the transaction, the chosen Relayer validates this fee and then submits the transaction to the underlying blockchain network.

By doing so, the Relayer conceals crucial information such as the sender, transaction amount, recipient, and token details. This process effectively anonymizes the transactions, preventing them from being linked to the sender's 0x public address.

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